how important is your birth partner

How Important is Your Birth Partner?

May 9, 2023

Rebecca from Birth and Baby Hub talks to us about the importance of a birth partner!

When you’re in labour, your job is to focus on the task at hand: relaxing into those surges, listening to your body, and using all those hypnobirthing techniques to manage all those sensations. All of this will help you give birth to your baby.

Your birth partner’s job is…. everything else!

They need to be the one setting up your birth room to support the birth you want, taking charge of getting you to your place of birth (if it’s outside the home), liaising with midwives or doctors, reassuring you, cheering you on, seeing to your physical needs (food, drink etc), giving massages, coaching your breathing, helping you change position….

… and most of all boosting your confidence and believing in the birth process.

Your birth partner’s calm, confident presence and support can actually support the release of the necessary birthing hormones.

Phew! That’s a lot, right? Having a birth partner who is prepared, informed and feeling confident makes the world of difference.

Some birth partners begin a hypnobirthing course feeling sceptical, nervous or even downright suspicious! Some have been dragged to the course, or feel like it’s not really for the birth partner. They usually think it might be a waste of time as, ‘what can they do anyway?’.

Let me tell you: every single birth partner – without exception – has found the birth preparation course useful. They leave knowing more about what to expect, understanding their role better, and ready to support you the way you deserve (and need) to be supported during birth.

The picture here is of Adam. Adam and Katie did my 1:1 hypnobirthing essentials course at 36 weeks pregnant, and they had the beautiful birth they had planned and hoped for.

So ask your birth partner if they’re REALLY ready for birth. Do they know the different stages of birth? How to help you with your breathing? What to do if birth slows down? How to feel more confident liaising with your medical team during birth?

I’d love to support you and your birth partner in feeling informed and confident for a calm birth experience – however you are choosing to give birth. I can work with you 1:1, or I run monthly group hypnobirthing classes. You can email me to explore these options or head over to the hypnobirthing page to read more.

Happy birthing!

Rebecca x

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