One of our amazing experts and partners has recently launched some motherhood support bundles and we would wholeheartedly recommend taking a look at them. Here is the first:


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Many women feel overwhelmed, afraid, anxious, and angry and have a sense of failure after experiencing a traumatic birth.

Women need and deserve safe and professional guidance, to help them heal physically and emotionally after giving birth whilst navigating this challenging time that is sensitive to their needs and understanding of their situation.

This bundle supports you to heal physically and emotionally following a traumatic birth experience. 

It contains educational videos on the somatic and nervous system impact of trauma with regulation techniques.

It contains women’s health physio talks and trauma-informed Yoga and Pilates to help you to rebuild your strength and reconnect to your changing body following birth.

It includes Matrescence and coaching videos as well as journaling prompts and guided meditations exploring the impact of your experience on your sense of identity and emotional well-being. 

And finally, there is also a section with our recommendations and additional resources to help you to connect with others.

You can learn more about it here – BIRTH TRAUMA SUPPORT BUNDLE

You are not alone.

We hope that this bundle helps to support you as you heal and recover from your experience.  

All of the love and support

Kelly & Michelle X

Price: £99 for the first year

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