What to introduce & use with regard to drinks & cups can be a bit overwhelming.  Sophie from Yorkshire Born Yorkshire Fed shares with us in this month’s blog her top tips:

Solid foods and milk – As your baby starts to eat more and more solid food, the amount of milk they will want will start to reduce. However, it is important that your baby gets at least one pint (500-600ml) of breast or baby formula milk each day, until at least their first birthday.

Breast milk/formula – This is still the best drink for babies up to one year and beyond; breastfeeding will continue to benefit your baby and yourself for as long as you choose to carry on.

Full-fat cow’s milk – This isn’t suitable as a drink until your baby is one year old. However, from six months cow’s milk can be given to babies in a product or cooking, such as yogurt or custard. Cow’s milk should not be given at the expense of the one pint of breast or formula milk your baby requires each day. So when giving breakfast cereals it is preferable to use breast or formula milk, especially if you’re struggling to get your baby to take their one pint a day.

Semi-skimmed milk – This isn’t suitable as a drink until your child is at least two years old and then only if they are a good eater and have a varied diet.

Water/fruit juice – When your baby is eating solid food they may need other drinks in addition to breast or baby formula milk, particularly if the weather is hot. Water is the best choice (boiled and cooled for babies less than 6 months old). If fruit juice is to be given then it should be diluted one part juice to ten parts water and given only at mealtimes.

Cups – Try to start introducing a cup at about six months, with the aim to have your baby using it instead of a bottle by their first birthday. Cups should be ‘free flow’ and not contain a valve, as this will encourage your baby to sip and is also better for their teeth.

Hope this helps, Sophie x

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