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Bonfire Night Safety

October 27, 2022

Bonfire Night, 5th November is always a great night in the family calendar whether it’s a display in the garden, sparklers in the street, or an organised bonfire event. 

Michele from Mini First Aid shares with us her handy guide on how to stay safe this bonfire night!


·     Only adults should set up, light and dispose of fireworks

·     Alcohol and fireworks do not mix. Discuss beforehand who will be in charge of your display

·     Only buy fireworks carrying the CE mark which means they have been safety checked

·     Make sure you have a torch handy for reading instructions

·     Keep naked flames, including cigarettes well away from fireworks

·     Make sure your audience is stood well back from the display


·     It is not recommended to give sparklers to under-5s. Instead, stand back and show them the beautiful patterns you can make!

·     Make sure everyone handling sparklers is wearing a pair of gloves

·     Hold sparklers at arm’s length and a sensible distance away from others

·     Never hold a baby in your arms whilst holding a lit sparkler

·     Have a bucket of cold water to hand to put the finished sparkler in – the metal stays super hot even once the sparkle has stopped

Hot drinks

·     As with sparklers, do not hold a baby and a hot drink at the same time

·     Take your drink outside in a portable cup with a lid to avoid accidents

·     Do not try and light fireworks/hold sparklers whilst holding a hot drink

We all know that even when taking precautions, accidents can happen. If anyone suffers a burn:

·     As quickly as possible, cool the burn under a running cold water tap for 20 minutes – this will feel uncomfortable, especially for a child, but is the best way to avoid long-term burn damage

·     Remove any clothing and jewellery near the burn, unless it is melted or firmly stuck to the wound

·     Cover the wound with cling film or a sterile, non-fluffy dressing or cloth, and make sure the patient is kept warm

·     Call 999 or 111 if necessary

It’s also important to remember that outside temperatures on Bonfire Night can be very cold. Don’t forget to:

·     Dress for the weather, even if just in your own garden. If it’s a wet night, don’t forget waterproof layers

·     Layer up to keep in body heat – lots of thin to medium layers work better than one thick layer

·     Use hats, scarves and gloves to ward off cold

·     Change immediately on coming back inside if you have got damp or wet

We hope you have fun whatever you decide to do but please stay safe! Michele @ Mini First Aid

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