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Top tips for Babies & Allergies

February 17, 2023

Sophie our weaning expert shares with us her top tips as to what to keep an eye out when starting new foods especially if you think your little one may have a food allergy.

Although variety is important from a young age, there is a chance that your baby may be allergic to certain foods.

Foods that your child may be allergic to include, but are not limited to include:

• Cow’s milk

• Eggs

• Foods that contain gluten, including wheat, barley, or rye

• Foods containing nuts or seeds

• Fish and shellfish

If you have a family history of food allergies, it is more important to introduce these foods one at a time.

Give them in small amounts and watch for signs of an allergic reaction.

Signs of an allergic reaction:

• Skin irritation

• Swelling (lips, mouth, throat)

• Eczema

• Griping stomach – knees to chest

• Unexplained/unusual crying

There is no evidence that suggests waiting until your child is older will prevent food allergies. For serious family allergies seek advice from a medical professional.

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