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Advice for people with elderly relatives

November 28, 2022

If you have elderly relatives that still live at home, you may be wondering how you might be able to support them. It might be that they have home care helping with certain aspects or they may live fully independently and don’t require carers calling in yet. But either way, there are plenty of things that you can do to help support your loved ones and our friends at Carelinx Ltd have outlined some of them below:

  • Call them! – People often underestimate how lonely elderly people can feel when they are at home alone. Talk to them about everyday life, it doesn’t have to be about them or about their problems. Just have a chat about a film you have watched or something funny the kids have done or said. A conversation can spark a smile!
  • Create a helpline list for them – Leave them a list of numbers that they can call if they are struggling or are in need of additional help and support. Make sure your number is clear on there and they have numbers of any other relatives who are close by and can help. If they do have home care support, make sure the contact number for them is handy.
  • Create a rota – Visiting elderly relatives when you already have a busy and demanding life can be tough. But there might be other family members who can also check on your loved one and a shared effort will make it so much easier for everyone.
  • Help to organise their shopping – For elderly people the thought of ordering food online can be quite daunting. You could organise their online food shop with them and ask them what they want to order and help them with the delivery time. If this isn’t an option or they don’t feel comfortable with this, you could add their items to your weekly list and deliver when you are visiting. All it takes is a little organisation!
  • Warn them about scams – It is sad, but in this day and age we are seeing an increase in people preying on the elderly and vulnerable. Make sure they know never to give their bank details over the phone and not to open the door for anyone they don’t know.
  • Do some gardening with them – If they have access to an outdoor space, gardening is great for both mental and physical health. Just getting some fresh air and being at one with the outdoors is so refreshing and can be a great hobby for them.
  • Play with pets – It is no secret that being around animals has a positive impact one someone’s mental health. If you have a pet, why not take it with you for a visit, it might be just what they need to boost their morale and offer them a friendly face.
  • Keep the brain working – The final top tip is to encourage your elderly relative to get involved in some activities that will boost the brain activity. Crosswords, puzzles, apps and websites can offer hours of entertainment and keep the mind active.

We hope this has helped, family life isn’t just about looking after your children, but about looking after your elderly loved ones too.

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