Laura Greenwood

Accredited Psychotherapist and Maternal Mental Health Coach Launches Online Course
to Help Mothers’ Mental Health

January 10, 2024

Huddersfield-based Accredited Psychotherapist and Maternal Mental Health Coach, Laura Greenwood, has launched a new 12-week online course for Mothers who are struggling with their mental health and sense of belonging.

The course includes six sessions of evidence-based psychological teaching on understanding the why behind feelings, using emotions and psychology to guide understanding ones’ needs, making instinctual decisions that are right for the individual and family unit, and how to communicate effectively. These are interwoven with six sessions of community, sharing, coaching and support from Laura, who has over 15 years of experience in the Mental Health field.

Through her one-to-one therapy, Laura has recognised a huge need for more accessible support for Mothers at all stages of their Maternal journey. Moreover, offering a group environment gives the community and connection aspect that all Mothers greatly need, but do not necessarily get in their day to day life.

Laura says:

“Since becoming a Mother, I am so passionate about changing the way we value and support parents within our society. I have experienced firsthand the very real, daily challenges parents face, yet these challenges are completely ignored, or invalidated with a sense that we should just ‘enjoy every moment’. I believe the lack of support and conversations around the true feelings Mothers experience is contributing to the development of perinatal mental health difficulties and the child mental health crisis. I want to offer a more proactive support offering which really validates a Mothers experience, and empowers her to use these challenges to find her true self, and own way of parenting. I love my individual work with Mothers, and I want to help more Mothers in varied and accessible ways. This new course is one of the ways that I can.”

Throughout her career, including over 10 years in the NHS, Laura has discovered patterns in the ways that people respond to mental health difficulties, and has made it her mission to help clients overcome these difficulties, realise their full potential, and live the life they love.
Specialising in Maternal Mental Health, Matrescence, Emotional Regulation, and Trauma, Laura is passionate about sharing everything that she has learnt as a clinician, coach, wife, mother and spiritual-being.

Laura uses this experience and psychotherapeutic techniques such as CBT, EMDR and other evidence-based methods to support clients to reach their therapy goals.

Laura adds:

“I avoided my own emotions for a very long time due to fear of what would happen if I truly allowed myself to feel them all. I see this same fear in most of the women I see around me and in my work. But there is a time, when the fear of change is overtaken, by the fear of staying the same. I am on a mission to change the way Mothers are supported and valued by our society. The course is about Mothers recognising their own needs and being part of this change they want to see and needed themselves.”

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