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Twelve Day of Christmas Survival Kit

November 28, 2022

For some people, it isn’t always the most wonderful time of the year, but the most stressful. As busy working Mums ourselves, we have put together a little survival kit with some tips to help get you through the festive season.

  1. Plan ahead – If you start stocking up as soon as possible and add extras to your weekly shop, it won’t feel so hard right before Christmas. Why not also have an emergency supply of a few small gifts, to save you any embarrassment should someone arrive unexpectantly with a present for you or your kids!
  2. Be budget conscious – Instead of splashing out on expensive gifts, you could either do secret Santa and all decide on a budget per head and pull names out of a hat for who to buy for, or all family members chip into a kitty and have a day out or meal out. Something to enjoy together!
  3. Remember everything in moderation – You don’t have to have and do everything. I repeat: You don’t have to have and do everything! It won’t spoil Christmas if you don’t have pigs in blankets, themed napkins, candles and luxury crackers (we prefer the cheap ones anyway!) Let some of it slide and you’ll save some money too!
  4. Ease the stress – Write a to-do list. Then delegate jobs – little ones can get involved too, with wrapping presents or setting the table. Try and do as much as you can the night before your big celebration so you can spend time being with your family on Christmas morning and enjoy the magic together.
  5. Get up, and get out – Finding time to exercise during a festive break when the kids are off nursery and school can be tricky, but keeping motivated and active is beneficial to your body and your well-being.
  6. Sleep – When we sleep, our bodies recover from the excesses of life. The overindulgence of food and drink over the festive period can severely affect our sleep patterns though. Try and have some screen-free time before bed to help give your mind and body time to unwind and relax.
  7. Think about those less fortunate – For many, Christmas can be the loneliest time of the year. Why not check on your elderly neighbour, fill a Christmas shoe box, or volunteer? A small gesture can mean so much.
  8. Create new traditions – Create your own new family traditions. Yes, it is nice to continue old ones, but it is lovely to create your own. This is particularly key if you are in a newly single-parent family. Create something new for you and your children that you can continue with over the years.
  9. Happy families – For a lot of families, Christmas is the only time of the year that they all get together – and therefore there are bound to be some heated discussions! Young guests can get overexcited and loud and being out of routine can cause some upheaval. Have a supply of games to play, movies to watch and books to read to help calm any tensions.
  10. Have time off – If possible, try and plan to have some well-needed time off from work over Christmas. Allow yourself some time to yourself as well as some family time, to go into the new year refreshed and motivated.
  11. Party carefully – We have all been there – the office party! Amy and I have had a good few where we can’t remember much the next day, but remember to take things easy and have no regrets. Hangovers with kids are also the worst!!
  12. Finally – If you have found that previous years have not gone to plan and been enjoyable then try not to force anything this year. Work out your budget, how much you want to spend and try and stick to it. Most importantly, try and remember that it is the memories that make the magic last a lifetime, not the gifts!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas xx

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